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Exponential Trust Times is the First AI Digital Chanel build in this time of Uncertainty and pandemic to clarify a picture about Trust Technologies, personal growth and inspire young Future Leaders.

Our recent Guests from diverse Podcasts

"The AI Deal of Trust", "Exponential Readers", "AI for Exponential Business" and "Authentic Resilience"  :



Kay Firth-Butterfield

Executive Global Head of AI and Machine Learning at the World Economic Forum

Dr. Yves Caseau

Global Chief Information Officer at Michelin - New Book "L'approche Lean pour la Transformation Digitale"

Cécile Bartenieff

Chief Operating Officer of Global Banking & Investor Solutions and Executive Member of Societe General G Group Management Committee

Arnaud Leroux

Chief Marketing Officer at FuelMarket - Total 

Aurélie Wen

CEO Agorize Asia

Marina Narishkin

Director of TF1 Licensing Group

Julien Simon

Global Technology Evangelist in Amazon Web Services - New Book "Learn Amazon SageMaker"

Lao Socrate

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director in Board of Directors of Societe Generale  China  

Nathalie Ross

President Professional Products Division L'Oréal

Kathy Baxter

Global AI Ethic Architect at Salesforce

Andre Balleyguier

Chief Data Science EMEA  at DataRobot

Dr. Taniya Mishra

AI Executive Director at Affectiva

Nell Watson

Tech Ethicist ML Researcher, Social Reformer

Anima Anandkumar

Director of AI & ML research at NVIDIA and Bren Professor at Caltech

Dr. Chafika Chettaoui

Group Chief Data Officer at Suez Group

Viviane de Beaufort

Professor and head of ESSEC Women Board program

Naveen Jain

Founder & CEO at Viome Sillicon Valley Investor, Chairman of Singularity University

Karine Perset

Administrator OCDE

Omer Biran

MD SAP Conversational AI - Creating the intelligent enterprise

Marie-Pierre Gérard

AI Lead Product and Digital Solution at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Kais Mejri

DG de l'Innovation et du Développement Technologique, IEEE Senior au Ministère Economie Tunisie

Laurence Devillers

Professor of AI & Ethics - Sorbonne/CNRS (Saclay), Member of CNPEN (Comité National Pilote de l'Éthique du Numérique

Nabil Meziani

Chief Information Officer at Raiffeisen Bank

Maha Leboss

Vice President Technology and information at Fondaction Canada

Dr. Anes Hodžić

VP, Digital Transformation IoT and Big Data at Airbus

Caroline Codsi

President of La gouvernance au Féminin

Giovanni-Luca Soma

Head of International Retail Banking for Europe & Group Country Head for Russia, Executive Member of Societe General Group Management Committee

More coming soon with our Guests from great Tech Companies, CAC40 Corporates, 500 Fortune companies and incredible Startups...

Dr Lobna Karoui - AI Exponential T

AI Exponential Thinker in San Francisco

AI Exponential Thinker & Disruption

Disruption, Empathy & Trust in the Student Veterans of America Conference. Dr. Lobna Karoui, Chief Empathy Officer with Students from #America

Simon Sinek & Dr. Karoui

AI Exponential Thinker Launched from California in the presence of Simon Sinek, The first Advice for Dr. Karoui : "Being Leader is like you do Start by yourself and then spread this around you and they will do same as well"

Student Veterans of America

Thank you to my Friends from this Big Family of Veterans, interesting discussion and learning experiences as change makers and awesome brave leaders; proud to have ambassadors in AI Exponential Thinker from this Family.

Dr. Lobna Karoui

Dr. Lobna Karoui invited to talk to students and kids in "California Academy of Sciences"; AI Exponential Thinker is the unique AI Network platform of Trust for you, parents and families.

Dr. Lobna Karoui

AI for Entertainment in Los Angeles, Dr. Lobna Karoui.

AI Exponential Thinker

World Economic Forum

San-Francisco for AI Exp(T)

Dr. Lobna Karoui - Salesforce and the Future of Sales, AI !!

AI Exponential Thinker

Proud to have Global Shapers from the World Economic Forum as Ambassadors. Our actions are from people to people in the Exponential AI Era.

Silicon Valley

Dr. Lobna Karoui Launched AI Exponential Thinker in the Silicon Valley, With Peers from Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Google, Linkedin.

Dr. Lobna Karoui - WEF

Dr Lobna Karoui - World Economic Forum, Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Dr. Lobna Karoui in WEF

Dr. Lobna Karoui was honored to be invited in the World Economic Forum to talk about AI Exponential Thinker and discuss AI Potential and risks. As an AI Leader with experiences from Europe to North America, She lead AI strategic projects as Independent Advisor for Fortune 500, CAC40 and Startups.

World Economic Forum

AI Exponential Thinker builds the AI Trust with young generations who invite the experience to learn and spread AI everywhere in their families, communities, countries.

Dr. Lobna Karoui Stanford

A unique Experience in Stanford University for AI Exponential Thinker and the Chief Empathy Officer Dr. Lobna Karoui, Talk "Disruption, Empathy and Trust" in the AI Exponential Era. The future needs imperatively Students and young generations to spread the AI of Trust.

Dr. Karoui in Stanford University

Great discussion about AI Exponential Thinker, the Future of Education with an AI serial Entrepreneur Gregory Renard. Humble with a unique track record of collaboration with scientifics from MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Andrew Ng, Nasa, etc. So Honored to have you with us in AI Exponential Thinker, we learn from you. Thank you

Stanford to Berkeley in AI Exp(T)

Women and Men, Girls and Boys the Future is for you and we invite you in AI Exponential Thinker to Contribute in designing your sustainable lives with AI experts and non technical People who build the AI Trust. No one knows the Future so join us and embrace the present of AI and Emerging Technologies.

Dr. Lobna Karoui Amazon

Honored to be invited by Amazon, the unique AI and Disruption experience settled by a Disruptive Visionary Jeff Bezos. Dr. Lobna Karoui, AI Exponential Thinker invited as AI Expert and C-suite AI Coach. Pleased to discuss "Disruption, Empathy and Trust" in the AI accelerating growth Era.

Dr. Lobna Karoui

As AI Leader & learner; Dr. Lobna Karoui provides insights on different topics : "Disruption, Empathy & Trust", "Digital Transformation", "Innovation & business disruption", "Artificial Intelligence", "Fintech", "Fourth industrial revolution", ...

Harvard Business School Boston

As an AI Leader and C-suite Coach in "Disruption, Empathy & Trust", Dr. Lobna Karoui was invited as speaker in Harvard Business School.

AI Exponential Thinker

Deep discussions with Students from many universities as Harvard business school, MIT, Stanford, Yale on the importance of AI for everyone everywhere, Dr. Lobna Karoui launched AI Exponential Thinker as the unique Global AI Tribe of Trust. A disruptive NGO to upgrade the mindset and spread AI to design a sustainable future for all by ALL. We build bridges between generations, fields, industries, cultures and countries in the accelerating space of AI and technologies.



Dr. Lobna Karoui Stanford

A unique Experience in Stanford University for AI Exponential Thinker and the Chief Empathy Officer Dr. Lobna Karoui, Talk "Disruption, Empathy and Trust" in the AI Exponential Era. The future needs imperatively Students and young generations to spread the AI of Trust.