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Nicholas Lee,

Global Director of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Optimization Services, Fujitsu.

Nicholas has over 16 years of industry experience transforming nascent technologies and ideas into new business models and industry-leading products & services in globally distributed, and culturally diverse markets. His deep industry domain expertise includes Energy, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, and Enterprise IT. He has authored over 21 thought-leadership pieces and white papers on various topics such as Quantum, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Digital Transformation. More recently, he has published two white papers on sustainability: ‘Delivering Growth in Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG’s) Regions through Data Monetization’, and ‘Building a More Sustainable Future for the Energy Sector.’

Nicholas is involved in several ground-breaking projects such as early detection of diseases, enabling data-driven supply chains, lowering costs of renewable energy production, reducing transport carbon emissions, advancements in resource optimization, outperforming financial markets through portfolio optimization, and advancing smart city uptake through city-wide innovation.

Episode podcast

Exponential Business AchieverNicholas Lee & Dr. Lobna Karoui
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