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Exponential Mindset

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Artificial Intelligence Serie – Be Exponential Thinker

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right” -

Henry Ford

The mind is an incredible tool, but like a muscle, it must be honed, shaped, and sculpted, otherwise, it will wither away and hold you back. Having a ‘fixed’ mindset, is very much associated with believing that intelligence or talent are fixed and innate: it is either you possess them or not. They do not bother trying to develop them. They also believe that success comes only from talent or intelligence, without requiring any effort. However, the limits of possibility are purely the limits of our mind. We live in extraordinary times; the exponential mindset is the key to thriving in a world where anything is possible.

What is Exponential Mindset?

As Harvard Business Review put it, “The incremental mindset focuses on making something better, while the exponential mindset focuses on making something different. Incremental is satisfied with just 5 percent. Exponential is out for 20X (20 times).” Whether it’s personal development or starting up a business, this kind of positive mindset and goal setting strategy is a one-size-fit-all problem approach you may want to emulate to standout in the midst of the outstanding ones.

Welcome to the 21st century, where it is no longer a news that many of us can create big changes; changes that matter and these changes are exponential, not linear. An interesting fact about exponential growth is that when you double your stride, you progress the same distance with each step as all the previous steps combined. Before you hit a billion miles at step 20, you are at 500 million miles at step 19. That means that any of your previous steps look much smaller compared with the last few steps of explosive growth, and most of the growth happens over a relatively short period of time. You need to develop the culture of an Exponential Thinker, what sets you apart is the “Max” mindset. If you believe/you are ready to believe in these core values, then I am happy to welcome you to the Exponential Club:

  • Believing that Failure is learning and an integral part of the process

  • Thinking Big!!!

  • Continuously looking for ways to do more and more with less and less

  • Thinking of ways to be ahead of the Future

  • Stepping outside one’s comfort zone

  • Being patient

  • Making exponential decisions

  • Hungry and Stubborn for success

  • Believing in oneself and believing the unimaginable

“Right now, and for the first time EVER, a PASSIONATE and COMMITTED Individual has access to the Technology, minds and capital required to take on any challenge” Peter Diamandis

I must say that we are lucky to have some people with exponential mindsets already amongst us, and their ways and successes should inspire us; that this mindset is the best bet. People like Elon Musk, who wants to start a colony on mars, and shift transport and energy production to renewable energy; Larry Page, who wants to essentially create the Star Trek computer; Dr Lobna Karoui who found AI Exponential Thinker to invite people from all generations building a Sustainable Future by embracing Trust Technologies; Ray Kurzweil who wants to create a human mind and live forever; Peter Diamandis who wants to solve all of humanity’s grand challenges, and people like Felix Baumgartner, who thought it was a clever idea to skydive supersonically from space. They can only conceive and believe in what they are doing because they have learnt to move beyond their linear hard wiring. They look at the world of possibility in completely different ways.

Also, if not for exponential mindset, Facebook would never have set out to “make the world more open and connected,” Google would never have created such an ambitious vision as “organizing the world’s information,” and Airbnb to “create a world where all 7 Billion people can Belong Anywhere.” The list is countless.

In conclusion, I would say we are in a time where nothing is impossible, imagine the unimaginable, have an exponential mindset. Think of how far we have come 10 years back from this 21st century; it is indeed an exponential growth and not a linear one. Things keep getting better, beyond imagination. Think ahead of the future, things can get better 20x more than you expect. Think about your children, community and future career. Don’t think of getting 5% better gradually, a lot more can happen, it’s the mindset that matters, Be an Exponential Thinker; have an exploded mindset.

Trust me, Nothing is Impossible, Believe it !!!

AI Exponential Thinker – AI Trust Writers : M.A

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