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The Artificial Intelligence Conquest

AI Trust Writers are AI practitioners and AI Enthusiasts who came up together to demystify, democratize Artificial Intelligence and raise multiple perspectives for All. Fairness Pedagogy and high sense of Humanity are essentials for our Writings. Follow our coming AI Series: ‘AI for Everyone’, ‘AI Everywhere’, ‘Be Exponential Thinker’.

Artificial Intelligence Serie - AI Everywhere

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that exists for more than 50 years. Enhanced by the awesome computing and storage capacities, AI tends to be in many functional fields such as HR, Marketing, finance, warehouse, compliance, Risk, sales, etc. AI is developed to automate tasks or bring cognitive capacities to the machine. It will empower machines to learn, adjust and perform tasks like humans. In a sense, AI is the extension of human capabilities. In today’s fast-moving world, we require the services to be more proficient and bring ease in our lives, starting from smart cities to autonomous vehicles, smart agriculture to industrial automation, gaming to banking, etc. AI is there to bridge the gap in an exponential way.

Standing at the doorstep of a completely new AI enabled world, 2020 brings humanity together with more strength and vigor. In the far future, it’s worthwhile to say ‘AI Everywhere for Everyone’. Hence understanding the scope of AI is not a requirement but a necessity. Keeping human at the center, the futuristic services will employ effective Machine Learning techniques to achieve unimaginable success or desired result. The ability to route large volumes of data and pattern recognition of AI will transform the link between humans and machines.

AI will add a golden touch to the future generation of mobile services be 5G or beyond, to provide better services to the customers with extraordinary features. Features like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) will give the users the experience of high quality visual and haptic sense creating the illusion of reality. AI is a great enabler of tactile internet, big data, robotics, massive IoT device connectivity and remote healthcare systems.

In case of Smart Home system, the use of AI will facilitate all kind of essential services for everyone, especially for elderly and disabled people to make their life better. Sitting at a distant location, we can still take care of our home. Smart Agriculture will help farmers to yield better quality crop with the help of AI enhanced IoT devices. Smart Manufacturing and Industrial automation will lead to the employment of robots for faster and better production. In case of remote healthcare, we can not only benefit from AI, but here it can actually help in saving lives. It will help humans manage the production line with safety and security. There are numerous other applications where AI will revolutionize the state-of-the-art methods.

According to a forecast by IDC*, companies will spend on Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning around $79.2 billion by 2022. There are 2,235 venture capital AI funding deals last year worth a total of $26.6 billion, according to CB Insights*, which also counted 24 AI unicorns — companies valued at $1 billion or more. Moreover, tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have made prominent and remarkable inroads in the AI field.

Understanding and accepting AI for a better future is crucial. The best part of AI is that, it is not limited to a particular field or a premium segment or a community. It’s going to be all around us in the coming few years. A new era is on the verge of our doorstep and we have to embrace Trust Technologies with a high sense of awareness. The early we gain ample knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, the better we can use it and implement it in our lives.

In the coming articles of the serie “AI Everywhere”, we will share AI Trends and applications in your usual daily life and in different industries. As mentioned by Dr. Lobna Karoui, “AI Exponential Thinker has the mission to clarify the sense and impact of Artificial Intelligence by creating awareness about the illusion of Good in some Technologies contexts. Everyone needs this knowledge to embrace Trust Technologies for your Children, Families, professional careers, communities and societies”.



AI Trust Writers - AP, LK

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