A Global non profit Organization with the vision statement

"Spread Artificial Intelligence to design a Sustainable Future for All"

AI Exp(T) is an AI Network platform of TRUST for Technical and non Technical members

who Spread AI & Emerging technologies to design opportunities for All.

​AI Exp(T) provides a valuable content that addresses the Public concerns and highlight growth mindset,

innovation and disruptive products.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Organizations will continue to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

A forecast by IDC* indicates spending on AI/ML will reach $35.8 billion in 2019 and hit $79.2 billion by 2022.

Isn't it fascinating how fast technology is advancing?

Technology Exponential growth





Leverage on AI opportunities and Upgrade the Mindset for an exponential growth

AI & Emerging Technologies Trends

Educate about AI opportunities

Create awareness about AI Risks

Exponential Thinking

Learn about Exponential Thinking


Adopt a Futurist Mind to Fulfill your best potential

Growth Mindset

Leave your comfort zone to live your best learning journey

Work on Hard skills and Emotional Intelligence

Creativity Work

Engage Curiosity, individuality and Creativity

Excite your power of imagination

"TALENT isn't passed down in the genes, it's passed down in the MINDSET."Carol Dweck


"A team is not a group of people that work together.
A TEAM is a group of people that TRUST each other."
Simon Sinek

Meet our Tribe

Dr Lobna Karoui

Founder - Chapter Lead "Education"


Artificial Intelligence Leader, Chief Empathy Officer, Speaker,

StartUp Advisor

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Dr Alexandra Cernian

Ambassador Team Member


Expert @European Commission

Lecturer @University Polytechnica of Bucharest

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Dr Karim Ould-Kaci

Mentor - Core Member



Directeur Scientifique Groupe chez Groupe VYV

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Prof Amal Al Fallah Seghrouchni

Chapter Lead

"Multi-agents systems"

Full Professor at Sorbonne Université. Head of SMA group and co-responsible "AI and Data Science" at LIP6 & CNRS.

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Wassim Aouad

Ambassador Team Member

Boston - Core Member

Master’s Candidate in Supply Chain Management at MIT | Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum | Cambridge University Alumnus

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Aurelie Michaud

Chapter Lead "Cybersecurity"

Deputy Group CISO at Société Générale

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Mona Hamdy

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Chapter Lead "Ethics" - Core Member Boston

Teaching Fellow Harvard University, MIT Tech Review Global Council, AI Researcher

Dr Gregory Renard

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San Francisco

Head of Applied AI, NASA FDL, TEDx, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, AI For Humanity

Abdelhay Toudma

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Ambassador Team Member Luxembourg


Chief Information Officer at Arendt

Dr Radja Messai

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Core Member

Scientist at Qatar Genome Program, Speaker

Joseph Chalfoun

Ambassador Team Member


MBA candidate at Harvard Business School

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Samuel Tamba

Ambassador Team Member Paris

Public & Private Partnerships @LinkedIn France

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Marina Narishkin

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Chapter Lead "Media"

Directeur de TF1 Licences chez TF1 Entertainment, sponsor de start-ups Station F pour Tf1

Dr Ana Cukic

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Chapter Lead "Fintech"

Advisory Board Member -

Finance Department at Imperial College London

Uditha Wijesundara

Ambassador Team Member Sri Lanka / Netherland

IT Director @ ISM eGroup | Member of the Board of Directors (Management), ISM APAC

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"The capacity to learn is a Gift, The ability to learn is a Skill, The willingness to learn is a Choice." Brian Hebert

Explore new opportunities around AI & Emerging Technologies

Shift your way of thinking

Build bridges around the world and be a Member of an AI Network of Trust

End up in a world of abundance

Dr Julian Alvarez

Chapter Lead “Gamification & Ludopedagogy” / Mentor


Phd / HDR in Communication & Information Sciences - Specialized in Ludopedagogy & Gamification

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Marie-Pierre Habas-Gerard



Chief Delivery Officer, startup Enthusiast, AI Builder and Board Member

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Théophile Gervet

Ambassador Team Member - Pennsylvania

PhD Student @ Carnegie Mellon University

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