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The Artificial Intelligence fight for Empathy

AI Trust Writers are AI practitioners and AI Enthusiasts who came up together to demystify, democratize Artificial Intelligence and raise multiple perspectives for All. Fairness Pedagogy and high sense of Humanity are essentials for our Writings. Follow our coming AI Series: ‘AI for Everyone’, ‘AI Everywhere’, ‘Be Exponential Thinker’.

Artificial Intelligence Serie - AI for Everyone

We believe that AI is the defining technology of our time. It is a tool that will enable people in every industry to achieve greater productivity and growth. We have already witnessed the usage of AI in Netflix recommendations, auto-correct, grammar, as well as auto-complete, and virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, etc. Such features aren’t just for advertising and AI can be used in our workplace. This applies to all departments and Human Resources is no exception. Having the word ‘human’ in the name does not mean that AI can’t be a big help.

What are HR major responsibilities?

HR Team are in charge of every aspect of the employee life cycle in an organization. Their daily duties include:

  • Planning Talent acquisition, recruitment, and selection process (posting job ads, organizing resumes, scheduling interviews and assisting in the process.)

  • Manage employee payroll, benefits, and compensation.

  • Deal with performance issues and push the employee’s motivation.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” -  Stephen R. Covey

Another important role, we can not ignore, is ensuring the company culture. HR professionals are proactive culture-builders in many ways:

  • Build culture into the job description by showing how each role contributes to the mission of the business and helping employees to feel like they are part of something bigger.

  • Listen to the employee's ideas and transfer their feedback to the leadership team.

  • Building TRUST by challenging their misconceptions, such as thinking that having an employee in the workplace for long hours is a sign of their involvement, or that employees are seen as a resource like gas and petrol. In that way, employees don’t like to be treated as pawns. Everyone wants to be treated as human beings.

“You have to create a culture where everybody has an opportunity to be recognized.”  - JOHN MACKEY

We can notice that the HR team has a lot of responsibilities. Which seems quite challenging to do everything in the right way. This creates many issues such as frustrated employees who lack trust and are much less confident about HR feedbacks.

The solution to do all these responsibilities perfectly is TIME. It’s not about having time. It’s about making time. As said Dr. Lobna Karoui: “in AI Exponential Thinker, we believe deeply that intelligence is the ability to be adaptable, develop an analytical thinking amplified by a growth Mindset to embrace Authentic resilience. In this Exponential Technologies time, Artificial Intelligence is playing a unique role to support people redesigning their professional duties with much more effective impacts and high productivity performances”.

“what role will HR have in this new future and will it even be necessary?”

To answer this question, we present concrete AI applications from our HR collaborations:

  • We can use a chatBot for talent acquisition. This Bot can easily shortlist the candidates by screening the bunch of resumes according to required skill sets and respond to the candidates.

  • The Bot also will tackle a big issue between HR and employees which is a lack of responsiveness. It can respond to employee questions, requests, complaints, and problems, anytime.

  • We know that transparency and empathy are crucial and a lack of it results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity. For that, New employees who do not know whom to connect with, can get important information about all the employees by speaking with an AI-powered program. The program can also provide new-hire documents, containing all the useful information like training module and organization guidelines.

  • Through AI, data can be easily accessed, and interpreted, to provide useful insights that will help HR with predicting turnover trends, communication issues, project progress, employee engagement, etc. This will enable them to gain an early awareness of any problems and take remedial action.

According to AI Experts involved in the Think Tank “Authentic Resilience” by AI Exponential Thinker: “Using AI as buzzword or Trend Cannot help world citizens learning neither opportunities nor potential risks of Artificial Intelligence. People still fear Artificial Intelligence when it comes to their jobs. Indeed, They are more focusing on the question ‘how threatening AI will be to my professional role’, than ‘how effectively will we create collaborative intelligence with AI’?”. In fact, asking the right questions is as important as answering them.

Artificial Intelligence offers a significant opportunity to automate all the repetitive and low-value tasks helping HR team members focus more on developing an HR strategy that’ll drive the business forward. It will help them focus on developing the major component of the HR role which is “Empathy” and build a bridge of TRUST with employees. One of the biggest benefits of AI is TIME. With more time, HR can focus on big picture plans like:

  • Being more proactive in communications. We know that human interactions are more valued because emotional connection and empathy cannot be replicated by AI.

  • Turning HR into a productivity improvement center (rather than focusing on rules and legal compliance) by developing training programs for employees to reach their full potential and developing methods to reward them.

HR people augmented by Artificial Intelligence are essentials for the digital transformations’ challenges, uncertainty, disruption and exponential technologies implementations in all businesses. Embracing such constantly changes is hard for employees and HR will play a major role in this fast-moving time. Companies need more Exponential Thinkers in all teams to build their exponential growth. So if HR will be subject to change, be part of this change.

AI Trust Writers - AM, PD

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