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WHY fear what can be embraced?

AI Trust Writers are AI practitioners and AI Enthusiasts who came up together to demystify, democratize Artificial Intelligence and raise multiple perspectives for All. Fairness Pedagogy and high sense of Humanity are essentials for our Writings. Follow our coming AI Series: ‘AI for Everyone’, ‘AI Everywhere’, ‘Be Exponential Thinker’.

Artificial Intelligence Serie - AI for Everyone

When it comes to writing about Artificial Intelligence and spreading awareness, it is crucial to emphasize on the idea that “AI is for Everyone”. From our daily morning routines to our healthcare system, it is clear that the more time passes, the more we become intertwined.

When discussing Artificial Intelligence, the most common emotion associated with it is fear. One cannot help but wonder, why? Why are we so afraid of it? Why are we scared of what’s next? Why are we so reluctant to dwell deeper in the understanding of AI? Why would we rather not know?

Perhaps we can blame it on all the movies associated with Artificial Intelligence, where we become enslaved to it and can’t survive without it. While those fears are justified, the future ahead is so much brighter and way more exciting. AI will revolutionize our world like never before.

Picture that time when machines were created. How many jobs did they steal from us? How many workers were replaced? Yet looking back, what a great thing that was! Think about how much was accomplished with the help of machines, things we would have never even dreamed of: buildings so tall we can’t see the end of them, productions so quick we can’t keep track. Most of the manual repetitive work that was once done by us, was passed on to machines. And how rewarding! Just as we are witnessing nowadays, machines were once feared as well. With time, people adapted and shifted to jobs that did not require their muscle power, leaving the heavy-lifting to the latter.

If machines were an extension to our body, think of AI as an extension to our brains.

Now imagine. Imagine all the things we could discover. All the questions we have unanswered. All the scientific findings that are waiting for us and all the lives that could be saved. By allowing AI to take over the redundant jobs that currently exist (i.e. call centers, receptionists… ), humans will finally be able to work on matters that go beyond basic tasks. There will be room for creativity, for imagination, and room to do the things we are never able to do today. We are always so caught up in our daily routines that we don’t have the time or space to reflect anymore.

Needless to say, we cannot assume that there is only a bright side to AI. If not monitored correctly, AI can end up being very dangerous. There are many concerns around the risks associated with such a technology that will no longer be dictated by humans. A technology that has decision making-power and that could potentially be guiding our entire way of life. AI is definitely smarter than humans - it can study and improve at a rate that is way more superior than we ever could or ever will. With all the information that we each put online and make available for public use, AI is able to analyze our routines, behaviors, likes and dislikes, even predicting our next move.

With that being said, the opportunities that are associated with such power can also lead us into a future we all desire. It could help us eliminate poverty, cure diseases, slow our aging processes and could help us reach beyond the stars that we know today.

What an exciting world we could be part of and what a beautiful time to be alive and witness a turning point in history. AI is perhaps one of the greatest inventions humans ever created. It is not dedicated for a few, nor for a specific niche of people: it is for us all. It is here. It will keep coming in all kinds of industries and will reshape the way we live and do things. Even though we are not all actively participating in the development of AI, we need to be actively guiding it in the right direction. Let’s make sure we advocate for the right values - for it to become unbiased, fair and ethical. Let’s make sure it puts our needs before itself and let’s ensure that we uphold it to our highest standards.

Does that mean that people who understand the machine’s language have a competitive advantage over the rest? Is that part of the reason Data Scientists are so desired nowadays, and are seen indispensable to almost all companies?

For our next writing in the Serie ‘AI for Everyone’, we will answer these questions and clarify if “Data scientists are the only Heroes of any company!!!

AI Trust Writers - CN, LK

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